When Women Support Women

When Women Support Women

I recently spoke briefly at a Business Women Albury Wodonga (BWAW) event on When Women Support Women. The event was a pitch night for the BWAW Grant of which I’m a sponsor.

It had been a week and I only prepared my notes for my 3 minutes that day. Which meant I had not memorised what I was going to say.

So when I was called up to speak. I had my phone with my notes.

Now I regularly speak at these BWAW events and the audience were used to me not having any notes.

So I started with something not in my notes which was along the lines of…

I know I normally will hold the mic wander around and talk without notes, but it’s been a week and I only wrote what I’m going to say to you tonight earlier today.

The reason that I’m sharing this with you is so often we only see the highlights of what business life is like. We see the socials with all the glamorous outings or coffee, catch ups or success stories and we don’t see the days and sometimes weeks when it’s a real struggle.

As I said, it’s been a week and I wanted to keep it real and share the realities of running your own business.

So I have notes that I will be reading to you tonight because I only got to sit down and write those notes earlier today.

Here’s what I then read/spoke about.

When women support women awesome things happen.

And tonight is the perfect example of that.

What a turnout. Look around the room. Can you feel the energy. I can. Its vibrating with the awesomeness of you all. Of all of us coming together to hear from and support six amazing women led businesses pitching for the BWAW Grant.

This is why I’m so proud to be sponsoring this grant for it’s second year alongside BWAW and Dream Accounting.

Where else to you get the opportunity to be in a room for of awesome women supporting awesome women, all doing awesome things!

I’m so incredibly grateful to be in a position to sponsor this grant. I’m able to do is because of the support of our beautiful business community.

Because simply put, Starfish marketing wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have the support of our community, of businesses and business women choosing to work with, or collaborate with me.
And it’s the same story across the board, for every woman in business. Every time you choose to work with, or to collaborate with, shop with, support in any way, a woman-led business, it’s like a vote of confidence. It says, ‘I believe in what you’re doing.’

And I can tell you, as a business owner, that’s huge.

That support is not just good for business; it’s good for all of us. It starts something that goes way beyond just making money. It’s about collaboration and opening doors, giving a leg up or a helping hand.

And this creates a ripple effect. When we back each other, when women support women, we’re not just talking; we’re making amazing things happen. We’re creating a successful business community and when our business community is successful, our broader community is successful.

Which is why I believe this grant is so important, and why I’m proud to be a sponsor. Because it’s women supporting women – and when we do that awesome things happen.

So, good luck to the six businesses we’re about to hear from. You are all awesome.

Mell Millgate

Mell Millgate

Speaker | Entrepreneur | Small Business Advocate and Mentor| Marketer and Strategist