When Women Support Women

When women support women

When Women Support Women I recently spoke briefly at a Business Women Albury Wodonga (BWAW) event on When Women Support Women. The event was a pitch night for the BWAW Grant of which I’m a sponsor. It had been a week and I only prepared my notes for my 3 minutes that day. Which meant […]

Preparing a business plan 2024: A Guide for SMEs

Business Plan 2024: Mell Speaks

Preparing a business plan for 2024: A Guide for SMEs Have you started working on your business plan 2024? We all know that effective business planning is not just important, it’s absolutely vital for achieving long-term success for our businesses and organisations. But we’re not always great a sitting down and putting a plan for […]

Letting go isn’t failure

letting go isn't failure

Letting go isn’t failure. You don’t have to do or be everything to be successful. By letting go of things that aren’t working you can forge your path to your success more simply. Those things to let go of might be : things that helped you in the past but don’t any more things you […]

Can We Stop with the Imposter Syndrome Bullsh*t? 

Embrace Self-Doubt and Fuel Your Growth Instead Let’s talk about a topic that’s been making the rounds lately: imposter syndrome.  I recently watched Reshma Saujani’s keynote speech, where she dropped some truth bombs about this so-called “syndrome.” And it got me thinking, and then I got mad – like furious.  Which made me think about […]

Change the business unicorn

Mell Millgate - Speaker

Close your eyes for a moment and allow yourself to be transported to a time when you are a little girl, around the age of three or four. In that innocent and magical phase of your life, a new fascination has captured your heart and ignites your imagination… UNICORNS! Oh, those enchanting creatures!  Picture in […]